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  Digital Printing  
We are excited to announce the recent installation of the new HP Indigo 5500 Press digital machine. This state-of-the art press allows our customers to benefit in new and exciting ways.

The HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press is recognized for 3 distinct benefits:
Fast turn-around of high quality colour work
Short quantity runs, probably the most exciting benefit for our customers 
Variable Data Printing (VDP) with personalization

This machine, apart for being used to print posters, flyers, brochure and business cards, can provide our clients with a digital proofing (soft proof) option up to 44" wide and with 7 colour presentation displays.

This system remains unchallenged as the leader for pressroom colour matching. We are able to calibrate our proofing device outputs to each individual press in our facility. This means we are using the latest technology available to show you a proof most accurately depicting the resulting press sheet.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Office, School & Computer Stationary, Labels, Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, Calendars, Magazines, Wedding & Invitation Cards, Text Books, Annual Reports, Stickers, Caps & T-Shirts, Graphic Art Materials, Papers, Boards, Printing Inks, Chemicals & Solutions and more...
Where Quality is Affordable!